What do you want to do in your kitchen? Is it just for cooking? Maybe you like entertaining? Somewhere for the kids to do homework perhaps? Somewhere to perch while you read the paper? Maybe an island if the room is large enough?

Think about the appliances you want.

Let us help you with all of these things but whatever the layout it comes down to style. The choice today is huge so where to start?


Classic or contemporary?


Cottage or town house?



Be subtle – delicate hues give a calm ambiance

Be Bold – make a statement!

Go for wood. There’s nothing like natural materials



We’ve split our website into framed and unframed simply because of the price difference.  Frameless costs less. Click here for some pictures and a price guide


The difference is in the way the doors are mounted.  Frameless uses concealed hinges and there is no frame around the doors. The hinges simply clip to the cabinet making installation very quick.  They are adjustable and have soft close dampers for a quiet life


Framed is the classic way to build cabinets although it can be quite contemporary in appearance.  Click here for pictures and a price guide


This is how cabinets have been constructed for centuries. Framed kitchens use a traditional butt hinge and the doors fit into a fixed frame. Timeless and craftsmanlike.


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