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We don’t just make furniture. What kitchen would be complete without the cooker? And the fridge, and the dishwasher, and… There are many, many makes of appliances on the market; some you have probably never heard of, and some you wouldn’t want to hear of. We can obtain most makes but as a displaying Siemens partner we can give you the best deals on their superb range. I have carefully selected the best of what is available to ensure that they will not only be a joy to use but when the need for service arises, you can be confident that service there will be.

Why buy your appliances from Hammerton’s?
We’ll find out what you really want and using our extensive product knowledge, suggest appliances that will work for you. We’ll find out what’s on special offer this month. In short we’ll do the donkey work for you. When we supply you with both furniture and appliances we take full responsibility for their correct function together. We’ll do our best to make sure that everything is present and correct before we start fitting them into your new kitchen. It’s perhaps tempting to buy the appliances yourself off the internet but think about who is responsible when, say, the oven burns the furniture or the dishwasher floods or when your new hob turns out to be damaged when its unpacked? Integrated appliances are exactly that: Part of the furniture. In short we’ll take away the hassle!

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