Home Office.  Still working on the kitchen table?  Not ideal is it?  OK in the short term but working from home is here to stay.  And think of all the money time and stress you save by not commuting!   A well laid out, calm workspace can enhance your productivity and reduce stress.  Whether it’s a simple workstation in the corner of your living room, a fully fitted study or even a log cabin in the garden, we can design and build something to suit you. We can help! 

A few simple questions will get the ball rolling:  What do you do and how do you work?  Do you need lots of desk space or maybe multiple computer screens?  Do you need lots of filing drawers or shelving?  Are you 100% digital?  Where will you hide the printer? Do you need to escape from the children?  Shall we soundproof the door?  More than one of you homeworking?  So how much do you share?


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